Drag Race

Small Farm Tractor Leaves Pickup in the Dust

That just doesn't look safe.

We love seeing creativity, and autosports is one place that a person's ideas can really shine. People take all sorts of odd vehicles down the strip, including the 122 mph mobility scooter we posted not so long ago. That thing didn't look super safe, but it looks like a Volvo compared to the contraption in this video. Here we have some guys in Thailand who decided to make a dragster out of a small farm tractor. Details are limited but it seems with some back yard tinkering these guys knocked up something pretty quick.

As the two vehicles line up, we have to admit the site of the tractor is pretty funny. We don't know if the crowd knew what to expect, but on green, the truck gets demolished by the tractor. We guess when you live somewhere with limited safety regulations, you can be treated to a sight like this.

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