Small Missouri Town Adds Tesla Model 3 To Its Police Fleet

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The Chief says it's a lot more effective than an Explorer or Charger.

If you've been getting up to no good, you'll usually be pulled over by a law enforcement officer driving a specialized vehicle developed by the likes of Ford or Dodge. Unfortunately, some of these cars don't quite line up with the current trend of being eco-friendly. Also, we need to consider that with modern EVs available to the public being so fast and relatively accessible, the police force is going to need something that can keep up.

Last year, Ford produced a special Mustang Mach-E that landed up being certified for police duty in the state of Michigan. Although not technically subjected to police work, it was still a big step forward for the world of electrification. Tesla has now joined the crime-fighting automotive party.

KRMS TV News/YouTube KRMS TV News/YouTube KRMS TV News/YouTube

Over in Linn Creek, Missouri, the local police department has gotten ahead of the curve and officially added a Tesla Model 3 to its fleet of enforcers. The EV has been given a full police conversion consisting of flashing lights and the installment of all the necessary equipment into the interior. Sadly, it hasn't been decked out with a full police livery, unlike the Model 3 that is currently serving on the line of duty in the UK.

Speaking to KY3, Chief Jeff Christiansen says that this purchase was a logical decision for numerous reasons. He explains, "I sat and researched the new Ford Explorer interceptors, the Dodge Chargers. I went to the mayor [and] had some discussions about that, and even looked at purchasing a used car, fixing up what we had,"

KRMS TV News/YouTube KRMS TV News/YouTube KRMS TV News/YouTube

After some deliberation, both Christiansen and Mayor Jeff Davis concluded that the Model 3 was a more logical option, partly thanks to its conclusive standard warranty. Davis backs the decision up by saying, "It's a great investment for our town. The cost savings as far as the regular maintenance, the upkeep, the fuel savings, it's approximately about $3,000, more than [what] an Explorer would it be. We'll probably make that up with current gas prices, we could easily make that up within a year."

Christiansen adds that the Model 3's improved performance compared to the likes of the Explorer and Charger will make enforcing the law faster and safer. Its improved acceleration means it can catch up to infringers of the law much faster, allowing officers to resolve criminal activity in a shorter time.

KRMS TV News/YouTube KRMS TV News/YouTube KRMS TV News/YouTube
Source Credits: KY3

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