Smart ForFour Crosstown Edition Sneaks Into Shanghai


Smart's ForFour city car has been given a rugged new look and "special detachable parts" to take it off-road.

With the Mercedes Concept A Sedan and the luxurious S-Class stealing the spotlight at Shanghai, you’d be forgiven for missing another car reveal from Daimler. The Smart ForFour has been given a rugged makeover with the new Crosstown edition, sporting a “special outdoor look” distinguishing it from the conventional city car. Billed as a “crossover model that is ideal for the city,” the Smart Crosstown edition is available in a range of exterior colors, but was shown off in Graphite Grey.

Along with its striking side-skirts, what really sets the Smart ForFour Crosstown edition apart is its “special detachable parts” that can be fitted when facing off-road conditions, but that doesn’t make it a true crossover. Whether it paves the way for a future Smart SUV or crossover remains to be seen. In conjunction with R95 rim, the Crosstown edition also comes fitted with an Urban Style Package, adding black 16-inch alloy wheels, sports suspension which lowers the car by 10mm, wheel arch liners with smart lettering and an exhaust system with chrome-plated tailpipe trim. The interior has been upgraded with a 3-spoke multifunction sports steering wheel and brushed stainless steel pedals.

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An LED & Sensor package also adds H4 halogen headlamps and integral LED fiber-optic daytime driving lights to further distinguish the Crosstown Edition. It’s not known if Smart intends to release the ForFour Crosstown Edition exclusively for China or sell it globally. Also at the show is the Brabus ForTwo Edition #2 limited to just 100 units, with a similar “Cool Silver” finish and 16-inch wheels, though it looks nowhere near as outlandish as the Brabus Ultimate 125. As part of company’s tailor made individualization program, thousands of paint finishes are available along with an extensive choice of interior leather colors and exterior style packages.