Smart Fortwo Celebrates 10 Years In America With New Special Edition

Limited Edition

It will be sold for a limited time only in the US.

The Smart Fortwo debuted way back in 1998 in Europe, but it didn’t reach America until 10 years later when the second-generation model started production. To celebrate the compact city car’s 10th anniversary in America, Smart will be selling a new special edition of the 2018 Fortwo Coupe Electric Drive in the US for a limited time only. Set to debut at next week’s Detroit Auto Show, the 10th Anniversary Edition Smart Fortwo features a unique Sapphire Blue Metallic paint finish, with 10th Anniversary badges replacing trim badges on the exterior.

It also rides on 16-inch Brabus Monoblock VII wheels in Matte Anthracite Grey to give the city car a more aggressive look. Inside, the 10th Anniversary Edition model has been fitted with a Brabus shift knob and floor mats with custom stitching and comes with the Sport Package as standard, which adds a leather-wrapped steering wheel and brushed stainless steel pedal covers. The 10th Anniversary Edition Smart Fortwo is available as an $1,950 option and will be on sale soon after debuting at next week’s Detroit Auto Show. Powering the Smart Fortwo Coupe Electric Drive is an electric motor producing a modest 80-hp.

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This allows the electric city car to do 0-62 mph in 11.4 seconds and reach a top speed of 81 mph. Its 17.6 kilo-watt hour battery provides an EPA-estimated range of 58 miles, while a full charge takes 16.5 hours. Smart has significantly changed its sales strategy, as it now only sells electric cars in America. As a result, more than two-thirds of the company’s dealers in the US have stopped selling Smart cars altogether. Smart also offers a Fortwo Electric Drive Cabrio, which is currently the only all-electric convertible on the market.