Smart Reveals All-Electric Variants Of Every Single Model It Makes

City Cars

Not very shocking, is it?

In theory, all-electric cars make the most sense in built-up areas. After all, the stop-start nature of city traffic should really amplify the benefits of having access to ample torque from almost zero rpm, they help do their part to improve overall air quality and, in theory, there should be charging points aplenty to top the batteries up with. As such, it's a surprise that it's taken Smart this long to sell an EV version of its current generation fortwo and forfour models.

What's not as surprising is that the Smart 'Electric Drive' range has only been announced for the European market. Still, even though it doesn't directly affect us here in the States (especially the forfour, which Smart doesn't offer in the US at all for some reason), the new EV fortwo does give us a handy preview of the car that'll surely replace the ageing all-electric fortwos we currently have access to. For starters, the new EV fortwo's claimed range of 100 miles easily trumps the alleged 76 miles our electric Smart's can manage on a single charge. Being able to recharge the batteries from 20 percent to full in 2.5 hours (4.5 hours for our current EV fortwo) should also help immensely.

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Alas, performance isn't brilliant, but what would you expect from a small electric city car with one forward gear ratio and 81-hp? Besides, 0-62 mph in under 12 seconds and a top speed of 80 mph should be enough for most urban dwellers, and having access to all 118 lb-ft of torque from the moment you apply pressure to the 'gas' pedal should help compensate for any outright speed deficiencies. Admittedly, the Smart fortwo electric drive is still a limited appeal vehicle for most car buyers, but there's certainly a bit more going for it this time around. We can see those who own or lease the EV fortwo we have access to being very excited about upgrading to a more convenient and overall better car.