Smashing Your Car Into An Incoming Tank Will Automatically Make You The Loser


Consider this a case of pure luck. By the looks of the aftermath of the crash, you wouldn’t assume at first that it’s survivable. Well, it is. An 18-year-old German girl took a wrong turn and collided head-on with an incoming tank. This all went down in Berlin, Germany, the other day and luckily the girl survived. In fact, she walked away without any injuries. The 24-year-old tank driver wasn’t able to stop the thing in time; the tank ended up flattening the hood of the little Toyota hatchback.

Total damage has been estimated at around $13,000 for the car alone. The tank, obviously, didn’t suffer a scratch. Ironically enough, the name of the street where the accident occurred is Panzerringstrasse, or "Tank Ring Street."

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