Smashing Your Ferrari's Windshield With A Baseball Bat Is Labor Day Fun

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What'd you do? BBQ?

Meet Rob. He owns a Ferrari. Specifically, a 360 Modena. He's about to smash its windshield with a baseball bat. Doubt your Labor Day Weekend was this interesting. Why is Rob using a Louisville Slugger? The car's windshield vents break off because the leather stretches after a few years and the replacement vents are difficult to install with the windshield in place. Taking out the dash isn't a cheap option. The solution? Remove that windshield first, then replace the vents. But simply popping out the windshield would be too boring.

Rob comes up with another way. Oh, and how much does a replacement Ferrari windshield cost? List price is $4,500. Welcome to Ferrari ownership. By the way Rob, next time before you go smashing the old windshield for fun, first check to make sure the replacement glass isn't already cracked, too.

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