Smoke Ferraris As The New Owner Of This Nissan Juke R 2.0

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It's one of the ultimate sleepers.

The Nissan Juke was unquestionably weird-looking. Since it launched back in 2010, its styling remained polarizing until production ended in 2019. The second-generation Juke is not coming to the US having been replaced by the Nissan Kicks. But Nissan knew it had something unique on its hands because, in many ways, the Juke was one of the first subcompact crossovers. Today, crossovers of all shapes and sizes are everywhere. Traditional sedans are often the main victims.

A few years following the Juke's debut, Nissan did something extraordinary. It shoehorned the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 from the Nissan GT-R into the Juke's engine bay. Normally, that engine bay housed a 1.6-liter four-cylinder. Nissan didn't have to authorize this project, which was carried out by an engineering company called RML, but did so anyway because it was too epic to ignore. And so the Nissan Juke R was born.

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Unlike the regular Juke, production was extremely limited with a total of 23 examples built for the entire world to fight over. Along with the GT-R's running gear, it also boasted some amazing performance figures. And then, a few years later, came the Juke R 2.0, an improvement over the already bonkers first version. This is one of them.

Up for sale on Germany's VDM Cars is this one of just five Juke R 2.0s. It has a total of 700 horsepower, an automatic transmission, and black-on-black styling. The advertisement says it's the EU version although none were ever imported to the US.

VDM Cars VDM Cars

The fact that one of these is even up for sale is quite special and who knows how long it'll be until this happens again. Any Juke R, whether the original or 2.0, is highly sought after and this one's price tag reflects that. Originally, it carried a sticker price of around $550,000 but that has since changed. The asking price is around $708,000.

This Juke R 2.0 is VIN No. 5, and it's only one of three left because two others have already crashed. Let's hope its next owner won't let that happen.

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