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Smokey Minivan Burnout Ends Poorly

Fail / 4 Comments

Guess they will be taking the bus now

A minvan is hardly anyone's idea of a dream car. The genre has been a favorite of soccer moms, and the symbol of giving up for older car guys for years now. For young people however, getting a car of their own of any type is a dream. The guys in this video have a lovely red caravan that have decided to...well, "modify." We cant tell if they were serious, or made a joke of the car, but it is covered in terrible accessories. New headlights, fog lights, a chromed out side step, and an exhaust system.They decide to use this wild beast to destroy some tires in a big smokey burnout.

The result is rather unfortunate. We can't tell if they planned on gunning this thing until it broke, or if it was an accident, but either way the sounds of the blown transmission as it tries to limp away is somewhat comical. Enjoy some minivan madness!

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