Smokin' Glory: A Video Gallery of Epic Burnouts

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Burning rubber has always been too much fun (and expensive).

If you're not a car lover, then you simply won't understand. Burnouts are perhaps one of the greatest things you can do with your car. If you do too many, you'll quickly destroy your tires and forcing you to throw down some cash for replacements. No matter, the investment is well worth it. Some may complain that burnouts are loud, too smoky, and an overall annoyance. Clearly they don't get it, but for those who do, we've compiled the following series of videos showcasing some truly great burnout moments.

The Dodge Charger has always been a muscle car fan favorite. Although it's become a sedan since its rebirth a few years back, Chrysler was smart to stick with its rear-wheel-drive and V8 attributes. As such, it's become a favorite for those who love a good burnout. Heck, even cops enjoy doing them from time to time.

The guy behind the wheel of this old, yet classic SUV perhaps goes a little too far. All is fine and good when starting out, but after about a minute of burning rubber, he literally does start to burn rubber. The tires are shredded right off and instead of blowing smoke, sparks are going everywhere.

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The Pontiac Trans Am is sadly no longer with us. After Pontiac shut its doors, the Firebird went with it into the automotive history books. Fortunately, there are still plenty of Firebirds on the road to enjoy. In this video we're treated to one mighty fine looking Firebird Trans Am burn tons of smoke and leave tire marks all over the pavement.

Whenever you have burnouts, there's bound to be a classic muscle car. This 1970 Chevrolet Nova SS is that car today. Instead of taking it to some boring country road, the guys making this video opted for a more excite location: New York City. Specifically, they performed these burnouts in front of the famous Radio City Music Hall.

Burnouts are normally associated with rear-wheel drive. So when we came across this front-drive Honda Civic burning rubber, it immediately got our attention. And then it happened: after just a few seconds, the Civic's entire engine experienced a major burnout. In fact, the thing just catches fire with black smoke everywhere.

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