Snakes On A Car Is Also Pretty Scary

I have had it with these motherf*ckin' snakes on this motherf*ckin' car!

Like many of the more beautiful parts of the world, Australia is absolutely full of things that will kill you. Not only that, but the horrifyingly venomous creatures in Australia aren’t deep in some rainforest where few people venture, they’re much easier to find, and sometimes you’ll even find them hanging out on your car. In the following video, a pair of Australians find a Red Belly Black snake (not deadly, but venomous enough to ruin your week) on the passenger window sill.

The snake seems very intent on getting in and instilling an even greater fear of snakes on those in the car. One can only imagine what Samuel L. Jackson would have to say about the matter. It certainly would be a whole lot cooler than the reactions of these two mates.

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