Snow Drifting A Toyota GT86 Will Inevitably Result In A Crash

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But you can still have some wicked fun beforehand.

Fortunately for these guys the resulting crash wasn't so bad. It could have been much, much worse. Like slamming into a tree and/or incoming car worse. For these happy-go-lucky Brits out for a drive in a Toyota GT86, it was also almost inevitable that something unwanted would happen. Whenever one attempts snow drifting is bound to have an accident. Even as the driver notes how slippery the roads are he continues on. Then it happens: the all-too expected ditch.

Actually in this case it's a hedge, but it's still a royal pain in the ass. The GT86 becomes stuck on the side of the road until help arrives. So let this be a lesson: go snow drifting in hedge-free parking lot.

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