Snowboarding While Being Towed By A Lamborghini Huracan Sounds Better Than It Looks


We can think of worse ways to get around.

Snowboarding is cool. The Lamborghini Huracan is cool. So snowboarding while being towed by a Huracan should surely be double cool. Or super cool. Or something more than just "cool." Unfortunately, it's not. When you think of snowboarding, you think of high-speed mountain runs and jumps, and when you think of a Lamborghini you think of a V10-powered beast pushing 200 mph, making lots of noise.

But here you'll find a white Huracan cruising along a snowy pathway pulling along a snowboarder at what appears to be well below the legal speed limit. Full marks for effort and creativity, but the execution is a little underwhelming. Wakeboarding while being pulled by a Ferrari F50, however, now that's I'm talking about.

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