So It Turns Out The BMW M2 Is Really Good At Faking Its Exhaust Note

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This is probably the only thing we dislike about the car.

Right now, the BMW M2 is one of the best cars on the market. It's hard to pick out anything about the M2 that we don't like. If we had to choose one thing, it would probably be the fact that much of the engine noise that a driver hears under intense acceleration is piped into the cabin via the speakers. Some might SAY that it adds to the experience, but let's be honest, nobody likes faking it. To illustrate just how big of a difference the fake noise is, one M2 owner decided to make a video.

In this first video, we hear the normal sounds of an M2 hustling its 365 ponies.

But now, the owner has tweaked the system to stop making the fake noise. Not as appealing is it?

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