So Much Instant Karma For Idiot Stunt Bike Rider

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This guy is in a league of his own.

Most people buy ridiculously fast bikes because they want to do things on the road that can't be done in a car. Reasons including paying less for gas, not getting stuck in traffic, easier maintenance, ample parking and of course going 0-60 at mind-dizzying speeds all make plenty of sense. Yet there never seems to be a lack of people who seem to ride crotch rockets just so they can be absolute dicks on the road. One such asshat thought it would be funny to slap a sticker on a cop car that reads "I don't stop for cops."

Apparently he doesn't stop for anyone as he recklessly flies through traffic in his attempt to flee. Thankfully, he quickly gets a taste of some concrete karma. There's also a surprising ending for you to check out.

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