So Much of Acura's Future is Riding on the TLX

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Will this new mid-size premium performance sedan draw in new buyers?

Let's face it: Acura has a bit of an image problem. Gone are the days of the Legend and the Integra. Today there are models like the ILX, RDX, and MDX. They're not bad cars; they're just bland. Acura is fully aware it needs to rebuild its reputation not only in terms of luxury, but also with exciting vehicles. The all-new TLX is meant to kick off that campaign. The TLX will effectively replace both the TL and TSX as the brand's mid-size premium sports sedan.

To get customers into showrooms, Acura is about to unleash a new big-budget ad campaign in order to help revive the brand image. According to Acura's brand manager: "It's not like we have a bad reputation that we need to overcome, it's just we have a nondescript reputation." This is why the TLX is so important for Acura. The brand needs to return to its glory days of the 1990s, and the advertising surrounding the TLX will focus heavily on driving excitement for enthusiasts. Will this be enough to fully revive Acura? We bet the TLX will be a great start, but it'll take more than that (and the new NSX) to make Acura a real player.

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