So Reliant Robins Don't Flip As Easily As Jeremy Clarkson Made It Seem


They still don't seem super safe to us.

If you're looking for one clip that explains what "Top Gear" is all about-or what it used to be about-the easy choice is Jeremy Clarkson driving the Reliant Robin. The segment starring the three-wheeled car is goofy and informative, if apparently a bit lacking in truth. Clarkson came clean about the Robin in a column in The Sunday Times. It appears that the cars don't tip over so easily, at least not as easily as the show made it seem. So, the cars were modified so that they flipped easier.

Just how easy did the three-wheeled Robin roll over? Here's the segment in which Clarkson just can't seem to keep the poor car on its wheels.

Why the deception? It was all in the name of entertainment. "But in a headlong drive to amuse and entertain, I'd asked the backroom boys to play around with the differential so that the poor little thing rolled over every time I turned the steering wheel," Clarkson wrote. Despite making the car look bad, or at the very least unsafe, the former TG presenter loves it. Seriously! "I like the Robin Reliant so much that when Richard Hammond, James May and Andy Wilman and I formed our new production company, I rushed out immediately and bought one as a company car." Yes, the Amazon-based trio and its producer all run around town in three-wheeled company cars that it turns out aren't very prone to tipping over at all.

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