So Tesla Might Have Been Lying About How Crazy Journalists Attacked Its Employees


Lying as in Tesla security beat the hell out of the journos.

Last week we brought you a pretty crazy story of two journalists who were caught sneaking into Tesla's Gigafactory in Nevada. According to Tesla's blog, the two hopped a fence marked "private property" and attacked security guards, running into them with their Jeep. The incident ended with one photographer, Andy Barron, arrested and two Tesla employees hurt. Now the Reno Gazette-Journal (RGJ), the outlet that employees the journalist, is hitting back against the electric car company's version of events.

According to a letter written by a lawyer from the RGJ, Scott Glogovac, the incident happened much differently than was reported in Tesla's blog. He says the two journalists were in a publicly accessible area near the factory taking photos of it when a security guard approached and asked for their photography equipment. The two started walking back to their Jeep and that's when the story takes a turn. According to Tesla, the RGJ journalists (James Hidalgo is the other one) rammed its guards and the ATV they rode in on. But Glogovac says the guards blocked the Jeep with an ATV, and that the journos were attacked when they tried to maneuver around it. Remember Tesla said the pair had rammed the ATV.

One started pounding and jumping on the Jeep's hood while another smashed in the driver's side window with a rock and cut Barron, the driver, free from his seat belt. Barron ended up pinned on the ground with either a knee or foot on his back. Of course this differs wildly from Tesla's retelling of events. Photos from the RGJ show a scratched up Jeep and a cut driver's side seat belt with a rock next to it and broken glass sprinkled on the floor. However, these photos do make Tesla security seem like a little more than innocent victims who were rundown by a mad man. As always we'll update you as details emerge but until then feel free to speculate wildly about what did or didn't happen in the comments.

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