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Camaro Driver Wins Idiot Of The Day Award

Crash / 102 Comments

And no, it's not a cash prize.

If there was ever a good reason to use a dash cam, this is one of them. Hopefully you won't be involved in the accident itself, but having that dash cam will definitely be helpful for the authorities and insurance companies. And, of course, for your own entertainment that'll likely end up on YouTube sooner or later. That's exactly what this guy did after witnessing a guy drive a Chevy Camaro like a complete asshole. This all happened just the other day in New York state as the Camaro tried to pass a couple of trucks on the highway.

It didn't end well because the Camaro driver had no patience. We don't know if anyone was seriously hurt or not, but the cars are almost certainly totaled. The accident itself occurs at around the two-minute mark.

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