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Soccer Ace Abandons Porsche Panamera Stuck in the Mud

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They say footballers aren't the brightest. Here's proof.

His star may be on the rise, but 20-year-old Liverpool player Andre Wisdom's Porsche Panamera Turbo was well and truly sunk over the weekend thanks to the car's dodgy sat-nav and a mud-filled pit. While on the way to Derby County's Pride Park stadium where he is currently on loan, the England U21 captain programmed the stadium's postcode into the Panamera's sat-nav. That was his first mistake.

His second was to blindly follow the route provided, which inexplicably led the pacey winger into remote woods three miles from the nearest main road. Instead of abandoning the suggested course that brought him to a muddy track, Wisdom was ultimately forced to abandon his ride after it got stuck in two feet of mud. Thankfully the soccer starlet managed to get to the game on time to play, with Derby running out 3-0 winners over Sheffield Wednesday. The Panamera was later seen being dragged out of the ditch by a Jeep Cherokee.

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