Soccer Moms are Taking Over, GM is Planning a Small GMC CUV

GM's once manly truck division will soon be catering more to soccer moms.

There was a time when GMC only built trucks and gas slurping SUVs. Sure, they weren’t exactly the best when it came to fuel emissions, but at least they were honest vehicles that were all about doing manly things like towing boats, carting around lumber and some good old fashioned off-roading. Then came the Acadia followed by the Terrain, two crossovers that, despite being nice cars, appealed more to soccer moms and dads.

Both models continue to sell well and now GMC feels there’s even more room to expand its CUV lineup. A new report is now claiming that GM is working on a new crossover that’s even smaller than the Terrain, a vehicle that could possibly be built on the same platform as the new Buick Encore. Or perhaps GM has renewed plans to develop the 2010 Granite concept. Nothing is certain at this time, but fortunately there are no plans to ditch those trucks and SUVs. But then again, could GMC one day become a brand consisting of nothing more than rebadged Chevy and Buick CUVs? Let’s hope that’s not the plan.

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