Soccer Moms Will Love The Electric Chrysler Pacifica Minivan

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The Pacifica and Voyager may yet become desirable.

A few short days ago, Chrysler revealed the Airflow Concept with very few changes from the Airflow Vision Concept that was shown at the Consumer Electronics Show two years ago. It's quite a good-looking thing, albeit a little generic in its design. Many would argue that Chrysler has a tendency to jump on design trends of the day and then fail to execute quite as well as you'd have hoped - the PT Cruiser and 300 are good examples of weak attempts at capitalizing on the trend of retro-modernism that characterized the early 2000s.

With the Airflow, Chrysler appears to have once again simply consolidated the current trends of electric vehicle design and thrown its badge on the end result. But this may not necessarily be a bad thing, as our renders of a Pacifica/Voyager below highlight.


Before we discuss the design we've applied above, let's first consider why this is worth rendering in the first place. The answer is that Chrysler has always stuck by the Pacifica and its twin, the Voyager, the former of which is offered in hybrid flavor. For a start, Chrylser is hoping to use the Airflow concept as a springboard from which to launch a sedan and a couple of SUVs, which would give the brand a more diverse product offering. And with the existence of a hybrid minivan already part of its stable, Chrysler has something of an advantage in that particular niche. Most of all, however, the company simply wants to keep it alive, and CEO Christine Feuell promises a "fresh perspective" on the minivan. She says that the next such vehicle will deviate from its current soccer mom stereotype, especially in terms of body style.

Front View Chrysler
Rear View Chrysler
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It's unclear at this stage what sort of body style it would get, and we can't imagine anything but an SUV or a station wagon. Until we have more clarity on what Feuell means, we're sticking with the idea that an electric Pacifica will have the same sort of dimensions as the existing one. We've grafted the Airflow Concept's face onto our van and smoothed the rear too, while adding a charging port and a two-tone color scheme. Would these changes alone be enough to change the minivan's stereotypes? Will they be enough to convince more buyers of the niche's value? No, but we can't wait to see if Chrysler can pull it off and how.

Rear Angle View Chrysler
Side View Driving Chrysler

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