Social Experiment Shows How Easy It Is For Thieves To Break Into Your Car

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Make sure you're vigilant next time you leave your car in the grocery store parking lot.

We here at CarBuzz tend to see cars as tickets to freedom shaped like cries for help at worst and physical proof that there is a god at best, but conniving thieves see little else than an easily-accessed enclosure that people put too much faith in, leading them to negligently leave valuables inside. We learned this the hard way when one of our press vehicles was broken into, and we're sure countless others have as well thanks to break-in devices on the black market.

However, there are much simpler ways to get inside a car and they don't require broken glass or expensive devices, only inattentive drivers. It's so easy in fact that it ranks among the most common methods that thieves use to get inside vehicles, and to prove to us just how effortless it is, YouTuber Joey Salads tries it out for himself.

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Call it a social experiment or a DIY guide for potential criminals, but whichever side of the fence you're on, there's no denying that this tactic seems to work. It involves waiting in a parking lot that's crowded just enough to allow the criminal to walk around unnoticed. When they see a car parking, the thief then crouches by the rear passenger door and waits for the driver to get out. In the span of time between the driver exiting the vehicle and pressing the lock button on the key fob, the thief opens a door on the passenger side of the car, giving them access to valuables inside or even the car itself if they can find a way to start it. Keep this in mind during your next shopping trip.

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