Solar-Powered EV Charger Is A Brilliant Off-Grid Solution

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Charging your electric vehicle doesn't get easier than this.

Peruse the glossy brochure of any new plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle, and you'll see lots of exceedingly happy, relaxed people calmly plugging their cars into perfectly positioned power points. These individuals are also seemingly never in a hurry to get to their destination. In reality, EVs still pose logistical challenges for people without a well-sized garage with an easily accessible power supply, or those living outside of the big cities, where access to the likes of Tesla's Supercharging network is limited.

For these people, San Diego-based tech company Envision Solar has an ingenious solution: a solar-powered charging station that requires no construction and no utility bill, and which can be set up in a few minutes in the area covering a small parking space.

Envision Solar Envision Solar

Now, Envision Solar has released the next generation of its off-grid EV charging power infrastructure. As part of the EV Arc series that is already in use across over 100 local municipalities, the latest version of the charging station is now flood-proof to 9.5 feet. The cambered ballast pad also provides more parking space than before.

"We never stop listening to our customers and their wishes have informed several significant improvements in the design, aesthetic and functionality for the EV Arc 2020," says Envision Solar CEO, Desmond Wheatley. "The new form factor makes the product more dynamic, expands emergency preparedness and energy resiliency and, uniquely, serves areas threatened by floods and rising sea levels."

The EV Arc produces sufficient solar electricity to provide 225 miles of daily EV range. With the EV Arc DC fast charging system, up to 1,100 miles of driving per day is achievable. Level I, II, and DC fast charging is possible.

Envision Solar Envision Solar

While the technology and easy implementation are to be admired, the EV Arc also just looks seriously cool. The solar array has the look of a high-tech umbrella, suspended by the arcing structural post. With the bulk of the energy storage equipment now positioned off the ground, there is an uncluttered space to park your car while it recharges. Better yet, the charging station can be positioned in perpendicular, angled, or parallel parking spaces.

The company hasn't announced any prices, but the website does mention that "generous tax incentives" are available. If you're worried about how the off-grid EV charging station will perform in bad weather, well, Envision Solar says it will continue working even during hurricanes. It's a brilliant product that could make owning anything from a Chevrolet Bolt EV to a Ford Mustang Mach-E much more feasible while making the transition from gas/diesel power less trepidatious for first-time EV shoppers.

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