Sold: 1966 Mustang Limousine on eBay

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There's no accounting for taste, but lack thereof costs $9,438.

Stretch limousines are always conspicuous, and they're usually designed and built to be noticed. Whether you think they are atrocious or can't wait for prom night so you can get to ride in one, you're bound to find this particular limo to be, at least, unique. While we can't condone the destruction of a classic 1960s pony car, the least we can say is that this 1966 Mustang limousine is bound to stand out in a line of bland stretched Town Cars, and definitely has more style than a Hummer limo.

The Mustang limo was recently sold on eBay, fetching $9,438 as the highest bid at auction. It comes with the 8-cylinder 4.7-liter engine, and has a white exterior with black interior. The dealer promises that 'minimum changes' have been made as compared to a stock 1966 Mustang, besides, obviously, the addition of a massive rear seating area and suspension modifications.

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