Some Countries Will Be Offered The New BMW M2 With AWD

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The M division's AWD love fest is just beginning.

Only a few days ago, we received definitive proof that the next generation BMW M5 will indeed be offered with an all-wheel-drive system. Of course rear-wheel-drive will remain standard, but it's long been suspected that some BMW M cars will have optional xDrive because that's what the market is demanding. Have no worries though as the M3 and M4, for now at least, are planned to remain RWD only. But what about the upcoming M2?

Although it won't debut until next September, we're now hearing that the smallest M car will have an xDrive option in selected markets at a later date. The reason being is that the M division wants to further expand its sales strategy of making xDrive optional on future production models. It goes without saying that any all-wheel-drive system adds weight but the M division will counteract this by utilizing even more lightweight components. The M2 is expected to weigh less than the M235i already. So will the US receive an xDrive-equipped M2? Seems like a no-brainer to us. Europe and China? 50/50.

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