Some Crazy Mazda Fan Is Building A Quad-Rotor Lamborghini Gallardo

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Depressed that Mazda is being shy about a rotary-powered RX-8? These guys are your new heroes.

These days it's almost as common to see a modified Lamborghini Gallardo as it is a tuned Nissan GT-R. Though both will go down in history as well as into the pile of cars considered "future collectibles," the fact remains that collectors see them as more expendable and therefore have no qualms about tinkering with what's under the hood. There have been some notable examples of tuned Gallardos, but we guarantee none are as crazy as the one Derwin Performance is cooking up.

The tuning shop is located in Quebec and if hockey wasn't enough to convince you that Canadians have a violent streak, maybe the sacrilege going on under the hood of this Gallardo will do it. That's because the shop is fine tuning a four-rotor motor that will sit in the engine bay in lieu of the 5.2-liter V10 that came from the factory. In case you need a bit of a refresher, the four-rotor Wankel engine is one that's never been used in a production car before. Most rotary engines come with two triangular rotors, three at the most, but tuning shops have been known to stick two two-rotor engines together in the past to make massive horsepower.

Jalopnik reached out to the shop and confirmed that this engine would be no exception, with the Wankel producing around 600 horsepower. So why did they decide to go with a four-rotor engine for the Lambo? It turns out the Gallardo's original power plant was damaged and the owner of the shop is a huge rotary fan, owning three cars with Wankel engines, so why not? The idea to make it a four-rotor engine stemmed out of a need to keep the engine exotic. "As for the Lambo... an exotic car needs an exotic engine. The V10 in a standard piston engine available in [the] Audi R8-not that exotic by my standards. Neither is a two- or three-rotor. Four-rotor... now you're talking exotic," said Derwin.

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Consider us impressed. More so if we can see this thing racing V10 Gallardos for reference once it's finished. Photos by Christopher Flint.

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