Some Guy Is Suing BMW Because The i3's Range Extender Is Crap

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Crap as in it doesn't work.

Supposedly there's technology on the BMW i3 that could potentially be deadly, according to a recently filed lawsuit. A US owner of an i3 has filed the suit against BMW claiming the vehicle can experience a sudden loss of power when the Range Extender technology is being used. Supposedly, the i3's speed could drop without warning if the car is under a "significant load," such as when it's full of passengers or even going uphill. Those are two instances when the Range Extender is activated.


The plaintiff, Edo Tsoar, claims this has happened to him several times and now he purposely avoids travelling more than 80 miles at a time. The Range Extender tech is essentially a two-cylinder gasoline engine with 34 hp that kicks into action when it detects the vehicle's battery is running low. This will increase the driving range from 81 to 150 miles. Tsoar's suit demands BMW either compensates these i3 owners or buys them all back. The suit also claims that i3 drivers have informed the NHTSA government body that the speed of their i3s has dropped by half in similar Range Extender failure incidents. As of now, BMW has declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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