Some Jerk Is Trying To Flip A Tesla Model 3 For Triple Its Original Price

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This completely defeats the purpose of an "affordable" Tesla.

We absolutely despise car flippers. These are the people who buy a rare sports car only to get rid of it months or even weeks later in the hopes of cashing in on huge demand. Companies like Dodge have attempted to prevent these people from getting hold of their rare models with mixed levels of success. This car flipping phenomenon is annoying for rare sports cars, but it really only hurts rich customers. Now the trend has trickled down and has begun hurting regular people, epitomized by one jerk who is now selling his Tesla Model 3.

Everyone has been anxious to get behind the wheel of the first affordable Tesla car. 400,000 people placed a deposit for the car, but production delays have kept it out of the hands of the public. Tesla did deliver a handful of cars to investors and employees and one of the people who took delivery of the Model 3 is now selling it on Craigslist with an insane asking price. This particular Model 3 is fully-loaded with the premium interior, premium sound system, 310-mile battery, panoramic glass roof and aero wheels. The MSRP for the car was $56,000, but the owner thinks the car is worth far more than that. The ad lists the car for $150,000, nearly three times what the car was purchased for.

The car only has 2,000 miles on it, which shows that the owner really had no intention of keeping it. The ad claims that the "car has been great for the past 2,000 miles and a unique circumstance is forcing me to part with the car." Yeah, we know what that unique circumstance is, the opportunity to rip someone off for a six-figure profit. The seller adds that "fit and finish are excellent for an early production model" and that "this car meets all of the hype and I plan on owning another in the future." We hope that Tesla catches wind of this situation and makes sure that this person is not allowed to buy another Model 3 after taking advantage of the current demand.


The seller notes that the car won't qualify for the $7,500 tax credit because it has already been registered. The ad concludes with the seller playing dumb and saying "I am not really sure how to price the car but it is in obvious demand. I understand the curiousity (sic) but serious offers only please." The whole point of the Model 3 is that it's the first so-called affordable Tesla. People like this are ruining the car for others who would have been more deserving of it in the first place. We will be interested to see if this ad turns out to be a hoax, but it is disgusting to see that someone would even attempt such a stunt.

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