Some Maniac Stuffed A Nissan GT-R Engine Into A Ford Focus


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This is much more than your typical Ford Focus. It would have to be if it's going to successfully compete at this year's Pikes Peak hill climb. What started out as a Focus hatchback has been turned into an absolute beast of a thing, thanks mainly to Godzilla. Built by Pace Innovations in Australia, this totally customized Focus had its original engine ripped out in favor of a tuned 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 from an R35 Skyline GT-R. It produces 850 hp and 720 lb-ft of torque and, unlike in a typical Focus, this engine rests amidships instead of up front.

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After all, you're going to need better balance and precision when tackling that hill climb. That insane body kit was custom built specifically for downforce. For example, at 120 mph, the air pushes down on the vehicle with slightly more force than the weight of the car itself. With its tubular spaceframe construction, power is fed to a Holinger MFT six-speed sequential transaxle located up front, which is then sent back again to the rear differential. Just looking at these pictures it's hard to tell there's a Focus somewhere underneath that custom body.

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