Some Sucker Paid $2.54 Million For A LaFerrari That Can Never Be Driven

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Or could this turn out to be a wise investment?

Earlier this month, a very special auction event was held in Maranello, Italy, home of Ferrari. RM Sotheby's Ferrari – "Leggenda E Passione" auction brought together some of the finest and most exclusive Ferraris on the planet. Not just anyone attended. Only the wealthiest private collectors out there were entitled to make a bid. Ferrari is always careful about who buys its most prestigious cars, new or used. And one of those used Ferraris just so happened to be the LaFerrari prototype.

When we first learned of this car, it was expected to fetch between 1.1 and 1.3 million Euros. Initially that sounded like a good deal, considering how much LaFerraris are going for now, but here was the kicker: LaFerrari chassis number 194925 was never homologated for street use, therefore it never can be driven. It's for show only. This was the exact same LaFerrari that did the auto show circuit during its 2013 debut. So, how much did this undrivable LaFerrari sell for? As the title clearly states, $2.54 million. A fully road legal LaFerrari coupe goes for around $3.5 million, just to compare. Nuts right? Definitely. So what does this unknown Ferrari collector do with a LaFerrari that's showroom-ridden?

They do just that. Let it sit in a private showroom and increase in value over time. Oh yes, it will. Have no doubts. Chances are its new owner already has a drivable LaFerrari in their collection, so adding this one is a pure bonus. Photos courtesy of RM Sothebys.

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