Somebody Finally Raced The Ferrari 458, 458 Speciale And 488...In Forza

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It took "Forza Horizon 3" for these Ferraris to finally race each others.

Sometimes all the money and connections in the world can't get people or automakers to part with cars for races, not even for something as harmless as a mile-long drag race. When a company like Ferrari is unwilling or unable to help make a dream race come true that's when gearheads need to get creative. The low-budget way to do this is by turning to video games like "Forza Horizon 3," which is where this virtual Ferrari 458 vs. 458 Speciale vs. 488 GTB race took place. We know, it sounds dumb, a drag race video shot in a video game.

But racing games have become so realistic as of late that it is almost scary how closely they parallel real life. That being said, there's one major flaw in this race.

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To put it lightly, the start is terrible. Could they not have re-shot it? If you can get past that the race is fun to watch, even if the outcome is expected. The camera follows the 458, which gets smoked by the 458 Speciale and 488 GTB. All three cars get within smelling distance of 200 mph and complete the mile sprint in under 30 seconds. Those speeds and times seem a bit fast. But who are we to say, especially since we've never actually seen a race like this attempted before.

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