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Somebody Paid a Fortune for this Gold-Plated DB5 Model

James Bond

James bond model car sold for $90,000.

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about an upcoming Christie's charity auction that would offer James Bond memorabilia, including this 24-carat gold-plated model of the Aston Martin DB5. Appearing in "Goldfinger", the DB5 was the first Aston model to appear in a James Bond movie. The model was created using 3D scans of a full-sized DB5, and features the signature of Sir Ken Adam, responsible for the Q modifications carried out by Aston Martin and used by Sean Connery in the movie.

The model car ended up selling for £55,000 ($90,000) coming in just below the estimated £60,000. The lucky buyer will also enjoy a remote-controlled revolving license plate, machine guns and shields. The buyer said, "I saw it at Goodwood this weekend and said 'I'll be having that!'. I am a Bond man, the first movie I saw was Thunderball and I was more than happy to support this worthy cause."

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