Somebody Paid Nearly $40,000 For This Toasted Ferrari 512


And they're going to do what with it?

Look closely at the 1983 Ferrari 512 BB in these photos. You see all that burned metal? What's left of the interior? Of course you do, and yet someone just bought it with a top bid of $39,750 on a car auction website. No details were given regarding the cause of the fire, but what's done is done. The Ferrari is not salvageable. At most, there may be a few parts here and there that can be restored and used as replacements for an identical, non-burnt car. But there's absolutely nothing left of the interior. Not even the gear shifter. It's all gone.

The engine? You have to ask? We did an online search and found that non-toasted 1983 Ferrari 512 BBs are selling well into the six-figures, with an average price of $300,000 or so. It's one of the greatest Ferraris, in our opinion. Our best guess is that whoever shelled out nearly $40k for the charbroiled example here only needs a small piece of it for a restoration project. They probably weren't allowed to buy that part(s) alone, hence being forced to buy the entire thing. Fair enough. Given the high prices the 512 BB demands these days, the auction house figured it could get top dollar for its burned offering. Hey, $40k ain't bad all things considered.

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