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Somebody Paid Way Too Much For C8 Corvette Reveal Tickets

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It will be a great party no doubt.

The big day is Thursday, July 18. The location: Tustin, California. The event: the reveal of the all-new, first ever mid-engined C8 Corvette. Chevrolet has invited plenty of media to cover the event, but it also wants to have faithful Corvette owners on hand as well. After all, they're the reason why America's sports car (soon to be supercar?) has been in existence for decades. Not surprisingly, however, the number of tickets available are extremely limited and when supply is so low, demand is high. That means prices go up. It's basic economics.

First noted by Corvette Blogger, the National Corvette Museum opened an eBay auction last week for two tickets to the C8 reveal, starting off at $100. The package also includes the Friday "Expo" hosted by the museum itself, which offers guests the change to see the car up close, network with other Corvette fans, and speak to key members of the C8 development team.

By the end of the week, that $100 climbed to $14,001 and the winning bid came in at $15,200. That's a lot of dough for a two-day event, no matter how big a deal it is. Because the museum is a non-profit organization, whoever placed the winning bid will be able to write-off most of the amount as a donation to a charity. However, the final bid amount does not include airfare to and from California, but a two-night hotel stay is part of the package. Perhaps because these two tickets went for so much money was reason enough to prompt the Corvette Museum to place another pair up for grabs on eBay once again.

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The 'Buy it Now' price? $15,000. Imagine that. There's no specific deadline for this auction to end, so it's basically a first come, first served type of thing. In any case, there's still about two and a half weeks to go until the C8's inaugural appearance and we have zero doubt these two tickets will get sold by then.