Somebody Report This 1969 Porsche 911 T Video For Adult Entertainment

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Seriously, it's naughty and addictive.

We've seen countless classic Porsche 911 videos, but this one is different for all the right reasons. The cinematography is better than, or just as good, as to what's coming out of Hollywood, non-CGI of course. Petrolicious may have just created its best video to date, showcasing this achingly gorgeous 1969 Porsche 911 T. Owned by a fella named Kurht Gerhardt, the 911 T was the most stripped-down model in the 911 range at the time. All that's left is a minimalist and purely functional driving machine.

Okay, so there's a radio. Nothing wrong with having some tunes to enjoy as you hit those canyon roads or take a pre-dawn blast through barren city streets. But the car nor its owner are the only stars of this video; there's also the cinematography. It's stunning.

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It takes car porn to a new level and we found ourselves watching that 911 T footage over and over again. Because of the 911 T's minimalism, it's actually fairly easy to maintain. Parts are abundant and because the setting is Los Angeles, there are enough local specialist mechanics. But LA isn't Gerhardt's only stomping ground. In 2019, he and his Porsche are heading to Mongolia for the Peking to Paris Rally, an 8,500-mile journey of a lifetime. That all said, check out the video above. Chances are you'll want to watch it several times.

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