Somebody Should Tell Volvo Overpriced Wagons Are Now Crossovers

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Didn't they get the memo?

We've always appreciated Volvo station wagons and yes, there is still a market for them in the US and Europe. Its latest wagon, the V90, is due to arrive to US dealers next year. But our spy photographers in southern Europe have informed us of yet another wagon-like Volvo that's in development: the V90 Cross Country. Based on the same platform as the S90 flagship sedan, the V90 Cross Country is essentially a raised version of the V90 wagon, and this is where we're questioning Volvo's thinking.

Why offer a jacked-up luxury wagon when there's already the XC90 crossover, which was recently completely redesigned? The V90 Cross Country will replace the aging XC70. Clearly Volvo sells enough of the latter to justify a successor. In any case, you can tell from these images the V90 Cross Country features unique bumpers and wider fenders to help give it an off-road look. Bigger wheels and tires will help to further augment that. In general, the V90 Cross Country will be a mechanical twin of the V90 wagon. Word also has it Volvo is planning a plug-in hybrid version. But we're still wondering how Volvo will convince its customers why they should buy a V90 Cross Country instead of a XC90, or even the standard V90.

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