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Somebody Traded In A Lamborghini For A Hyundai?

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Did this really happen?

Every once in a while, we’ve all come across a vehicle parked in a dealership lot that doesn’t really belong. Typically, the vehicle in question is a high-priced exotic that, on the face of it, was apparently traded in for something far more economical. Is it possible the owner suddenly found themselves in dire financial straits and quickly needed some cash? Anything’s possible, but this isn’t exactly the case regarding this Lamborghini Huracan up for sale at a Hyundai dealership in Missouri.

This lightly used 2019 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder LP580-2 has just 581 miles on its clock and is being offered for a "no-hassle price” of $226,718 at Hyundai of Wentzville. Is it really possible someone preferred a Hyundai to a Lamborghini? Not really. The Drive reached out the dealer for an explanation and the reality is, well, not quite what we expected.

It turns out the dealership’s owner, Raj Clement, purchased the Lamborghini for himself and now he’s selling it at, conveniently enough, his own dealership. A salesperson told The Drive that "Clement bought it, now he’s selling it, not much to the story.”

Clement must have figured that parking the Lamborghini on the showroom floor would be the fastest way to offload it and to attract some attention. How often does it happen when you stroll into a Hyundai dealership looking for, say, an Elantra or Santa Fe, and a Lamborghini is parked right there for all to see. Not often, if ever.

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This is definitely a good way for a small town Hyundai dealership to shore up some publicity. Some people may come by simply to take a look at the six-figure Italian supercar in the flesh and a sales associate may offer them a great deal on a far more modestly priced vehicle they can’t refuse. Publicity is publicity – including this article.