Somebody Tried To Sell This Guy A Fake Lamborghini Aventador


Well, it does have real Lamborghini wheels.

It’s typically very easy for us incurable car geeks to spot a fake supercar, or any other replica. But to the untrained eye, the task could be more difficult, even to the point where the owner/driver of said fake supercar gets away with the ruse. Most of you already know Rob Ferretti, co-founder of exotic rental company Gotham Dream Cars. He’s never one to shy away from speaking his mind regarding his passion for exotics and supercars.

Buying as well as selling cars is also a part of what he does, so naturally he was interested when a guy drove up to his lot one day trying to sell him a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

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It didn’t take long for Rob to spot it was a replica, although in terms of fake supercars, this one isn’t half bad. Instead of telling the guy to "get lost" and take his scam elsewhere, Rob did the cool thing and made a video promoting the replica for anyone who wants to rent it. After all, Gotham Dream Cars aren’t exactly cheap to rent, starting at least $2,000 a day for the real deal. The replica is based on a Pontiac GTO with an LS1 Chevrolet V8. Not a bad setup. The rest of the car doesn’t look half bad, and from a good 15 feet away or so, one might even be able to get away with passing it off as the real deal. But it’s not, and any self-respecting car enthusiast wouldn’t dare be seen driving it.