Somebody Turned This Rolls-Royce Into A Real Life Version of 'Crazy Taxi'


Ahh, the memories.

If your childhood was anything like mine you remember countless hours spent playing a video game called Crazy Taxi. For those who haven't played the game, Crazy Taxi was a game whereby you picked up customers and delivered them to their destination as fast (and reckless) as possible. As spotted by Autoblog, it appears as though a used car dealer in New York has taken a Rolls-Royce Ghost and turned it into an hommage to the classic game franchise.

The dealer behind the stunt is a premium used car dealer (as per the Autoblog description) called Platinum Motor Cars based out of Detroit, Michigan. The car was put together by the dealer as a car that the owner, Jonathan Smith, could use when participating in various cross-country rallies. Specifically, the car was built to participate in the local Motor City Rally a few weeks ago. It also serves as a brilliant rolling billboard for the company. In order to achieve the classic taxi cab look, the company applied a vinyl wrap over the original paint. The wrap was reportedly done in record time, considering the Ghost itself was delivered only days before the rally began.

Smith says that the inspiration came because he is a "kid at heart" and wanted something inspired from a classic video game from the past. Crazy Taxi certainly fits the bill. Hey, at least we know nobody could steal the hood ornament during the rally. Now let's hope he didn't drive it as crazy as the game allows you to!


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