Somehow, The 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Final Edition #001 Remains Unsold

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How is this possible?

Back in late 2015, we reported that Brooklyn Mitsubishi, located in Brooklyn, New York, placed the winning bid to buy the first Final Edition Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. The price? Only $46,200, which was donated to charity. Just 1,600 Evo Final Editions were built, so each and every one of them is valuable, though some more than others.

Thanks to Road and Track who did some digging, it's been confirmed that the Mitsubishi dealership has yet to sell its highly prized Evo. It's never been titled or registered.

In the summer of 2016, we wrote that this dealer was trying to sell #0001 for $88,888. Apparently, there weren't any takers.

It still sits parked in Brooklyn today with just 35 miles on its clock and plastic covering various parts of the interior. It's listed on Autotrader for $47,888 and yet, as R&T further discovered, it's listed on the dealership's website for $87,888. A typo? The dealership didn't respond to R&T's request for a pricing clarification.

Under its hood, like all last generation Evos, is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 303 hp and 305 lb-ft of torque – 12 hp and 5 lb-ft more than the regular Evo at the time. It also features some Final Edition badges and a plaque indicating its build number.

So, why hasn't it been sold considering it's a highly desirable collector's car, especially for Evo fans? Probably because it's simply too expensive. If no one has paid either $47,888 or $87,888 by now, chances are no one will. At least for now. Remember, rare cars and special editions have a tendency to fluctuate in value.

If Brooklyn Mitsubishi can afford to maintain the car and the $46k it cost to buy, then why not keep it until they believe they can get maximum dollar for it. But if you just have to have it, then be prepared to pay up to nearly $90k.

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