Someone Converted A Lamborghini Into An Xbox Controller To Play Forza


And we thought the Porsche 911 GT2 RS-inspired Xbox controller was stupidly expensive.

Hardcore racing game fanatics take their hobby very seriously and often invest in expensive hardware. Powerful PCs and swanky steering wheels with high-end materials and racing rigs cluttering the living room to simulate the experience of driving a supercar as accurately as possible. But one avid gamer has taken this a step further, and converted their Lamborghini Aventador super into an Xbox One controller just to play the newly released Forza Motorsport 7.

Pogforever, Instagram

Car and gaming enthusiast POG has shared his unique custom gaming setup on Instagram, and it's sure to make racing game fans jealous. POG collected the game from his local retailer, but unlike everyone else he collected it in the car that would soon become the game's controller. When he returned home, work began on converting the Lamborghini Aventador into an Xbox One controller, and it's a complicated setup to say the least. A video posted on POG's Facebook page shows the painstaking process of the conversion, starting with placing a projector onto the roof of the supercar. Cables were then sent from sensor pads under the front wheels to a computer.

Lights were taped onto the side of the supercar, while an Xbox One console runs on the engine bay. And of course, every hardcore gamer plays their racing simulations with a real helmet and driving gloves for added authenticity. We're still not sure how they overcame the technical challenges to pull it off, but the setup appears to work with the car's inputs syncing with the on-screen game car. It does beg the question though: if you already own a Lamborghini Aventador in real life, why would you want to use it to simulate the driving experience in a video game other than bragging rights? Granted, it consumes less fuel, and you can crash it without any consequences.

Still, it's an undeniably impressive setup. POG now has the honor of owning the most expensive Xbox controller in the world - and we thought that Porsche 911 GT2 RS-inspired Xbox controller was stupidly expensive.

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