Someone Created A Fake Website For The Equally Fake Chevy Jolt EV

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Maybe GM should pay attention here.

At first glance this looks like the real deal. In fact, General Motors is trying to get the website taken down because it's complete bullshit. Meet the Chevrolet Jolt, "An all-electric sports car offering an estimated 230 miles of range per charge for an affordable price." It's actually a pretty slick-looking coupe, like a cross between the (real) Chevrolet Volt and (also real) Cruze. It's powered by a 65-kWh battery which provides a total of 270 hp and 422 lb-ft of torque, allowing the coupe to accelerate from 0-60 mph in only 5 seconds. Top speed is limited to 140 mph.

The interior appears to be taken directly from the Bolt's dashboard, and website info and images claim the Jolt is equipped with Chevy's latest intelligent driving system's Wi-Fi connectivity. Pricing? Damn reasonable, as low as $30,000 after the federal tax credit. Again, complete bullshit, but sometimes bullshit isn't so bad. If Chevrolet (and GM, for that matter) want to effectively take on Tesla and have an actual shot at making a dent in the EV market, then maybe the new Bolt should have been the non-existent Jolt. Right, the Bolt's five-door body style is more user friendly but, let's face it, it's kind of dorky-looking. New technology, like EVs, needs to have some sex appeal, a fact that Tesla understood from the get-go. GM and Chevy, take note.

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