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Someone Cut the Roof Off a Subaru Impreza and Now They Want Money


In fact, they want $75k for this hilarious creation.

Let us caveat this piece by admitting we’re not sure if the whole thing is a joke. But the pictures look pretty real to us, and if what’s being shown here isn’t a hoax then what you’re looking at is a Subaru Impreza STI Convertible. Please take a moment to calm down before continuing. A ‘4 season, 4 door convertible’ is a neat description of this open-top Subie, which is apparently available at Manchester Subaru in New Hampshire.

Essentially a 2011 STI Limited with the roof cut off, the 305-hp drop-top is custom built by Newport Specialty Cars and comes with a six-speed manual, Brembo Brakes, 18-inch alloys, front and rear limited slip differentials, power everything, and the all-important rear wing. Five are planned for production, priced at $74,999 a pop. Hat tip to Jalen!

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