Someone Doubled The Engine Power Of A JDM Classic To Do This


When it comes to fiddling 80s Japanese icons, leave the body intact and go straight for the engine.

This AE86 is powered by the V8 engine from a 90s Lexus LS. The result is a pint-sized drifter that can also run a respectable straight line. Luckily, this video is all about drifting. The throaty roar created by the 4.0-liter V8 sounds a bit odd coming out of the AE86 but once the tires start screeching the two sounds complement each other quite well. The Corolla looks to have an unmodified body (or at least no heavy mods were done), making it a red light sleeper.

We have seen this type of thing happen in another video before, but it's not known whether or not these two cars are the same.

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