Someone Else Tried And Failed To Sell A Tesla Model 3 For Over $100k

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Or could it have been a scam?

This was not the first, nor will it be the last, time someone has tried to sell a Tesla Model 3 for nearly three times its original sticker price to anxious buyers. We first reported on this phenomenon when someone tried to flip a Model 3 for $150,000, though it had an MSRP of $56,000. It wasn't even 100 percent new: the car had 2,000 miles on it. And now it's happening again, or at least it appears so. It could be a scam. Why? We'll get to that in a moment. Electrek noticed a Craigslist ad for another Model 3, this time with a $120,000 price tag.

The seller made it clear this was not a build slot, but the actual car itself with just 300 miles on it. Even the VIN was listed, which Electrek checked and came back positive. Although that's a good sign, the seller did not show any interior photos, which is odd. Remember, VINs can be visible from the outside, so we can't consider this a fully scam-free ad. However, as of this writing, the ad has been removed. No explanation was given. One possible reason is that this early build Model 3 was a Tesla employee car, and that individual wanted to make a quick and easy buck. This theory makes even more sense considering the ad is from San Francisco, which isn't far from Tesla HQ.

Could Tesla have also discovered the ad, looked up the VIN, and demanded the seller/employee take it down? It's possible. No way to verify, unfortunately. But the seller is pretty dumb, nonetheless. Despite its popularity, why would anyone spend six-figures on a Model 3 when they could easily buy a brand new Model S or Model X for the same amount?

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