Someone Found a $2.5 Million Lamborghini Miura In A Barn


And it was found completely by accident!

Tell us if you've heard this story before: A young car collector goes to Oregon to visit his grandmother, who tells him about an old man who lives near by. This old man had some kind of orange car, probably a Lamborghini. The collector tracks down this man and goes to knock on his door. By some miracle, the old man, Earl, who was around 90 years old, answers the door. Jeff, the collector, talked with Earl for a while after seeing a picture of an orange Miura on his refrigerator. Amazingly, the car had been sitting in a barn for over 15 years.

Earl had purchased the 1969 Lamborghini Miura S when he was in his 60s as a retirement present to himself. He continually drove the car less and less up until the point where it sat for 15 years without being driven. Amazingly, Jeff was able to get the car after Earl passed away and has completely restored it to its original glory.

Everything on the car is completely original, including the paint. In fact, each part on the car has the car's build number stamped into it and there is not a single non-original part on the vehicle. This Miura is now worth around $2.5 million but the owner doesn't sound like he will ever sell it. When asked if he thought the Miura was a "forever car," Jeff says that his will states that when he passes away, he will be cremated and have his ashes placed in the car. If his children inherent the car, or if it is sold, the new owner will have to keep Jeff's ashes in the car. We can't think of a more perfect car to rest in for all eternity.

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