Someone Has Already Destroyed A Brand New Toyota GR Corolla

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We're guessing this won't just buff out.

A Toyota GR Corolla has already met its untimely demise in what must be the first documented crash involving the desirable Japanese hot hatch.

Pictures of the mangled machine appeared on the GR Corolla Forum, and while they show a pretty bruised example, there aren't many details about what led to this unfortunate result. What's clear to see is that this particular vehicle will never see tarmac again.

It appears that the vehicle suffered a rollover, with extensive damage to the roof and the driver's side. The roof seems to have caved in, causing severe structural damage. The windscreen is smashed, and the left front fender and hood are also creased, indicating the vehicle flipped over and landed on a rough surface.

GR Corolla Forum

It must have been quite the crash, as the driver, passenger, and both curtain airbags were deployed upon impact. Why the wrecked GR Corolla is in the middle of a desert remains a mystery, but forum users all have theories about what happened.

One suggested that the car may have fallen off a carrier while in transit. While possible, it's unlikely that the airbags would have deployed. Perhaps the owner got overly excited and, in the moment, was overwhelmed by the GR Corolla's 300 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque.

Even with all-wheel drive and the most contemporary driving aids, sometimes a crash is unpreventable. We hope no one was seriously injured in the crash. There are images of the person believed to be the driver, and the interior lacks any sign of blood, so all signs point to everyone making it out alive.

Hopefully, some useful parts can be salvaged from this wreck.

GR Corolla Forum

We're guessing tuners are salivating at the idea of getting their hands on the G16E-GTS and creating an incredible engine-swap project. While it is technically possible to get hold of a GR Corolla crate motor, it isn't easy, so parts from a crashed vehicle would be the best bet.

It's sad to see such a new and desirable car relegated to the scrap yard so soon, but it's not the first time we've seen something like this happen. Last year, we caught wind of a Ferrari SF90 wreck with just 180 miles on the clock and a seriously damaged Lucid Air Dream Edition.

Like the marked-up new examples, we expect this crumpled GR Corolla to sell for big bucks, as spares and parts will be desirable right now. We're still curious to know what led to the untimely demise of this hot hatch and will update the story as soon as we find out.

GR Corolla Forum
GR Corolla Forum

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