Someone in Greece Spent Three Months Making a Carbon-Fiber Vette

Every single body panel has been recast in carbon fiber.

It’s fair to say that if your company is called Carbon Fiber Customs, you’re going to know a thing or two about manipulating automakers’ favorite lightweight material. Handcrafted in Greece, the aftermarket firm has showcased its skills by creating a complete set of brand new body panels for the C5 Corvette – all made from carbon fiber. From the front and rear ends to the doors, hood, roof and A- and B-pillars, every piece has been made from carbon fiber, which remains unpainted, finished only in a gloss clear coating.

There’s no indication if the car is up for sale, but given three months and 800 man hours went into the build, it won’t come cheap. It will, however, be very light on its feet with the liberal application of carbon fiber stripping 130 kg from the C5’s curb weight.

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