Someone Is Already Trying To Sell A New Acura NSX On Craigslist

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Either Craigslist has reached new heights or this ad is a joke.

The new Acura NSX has not been released yet but is just about here. That small fact hasn't stopped one intrepid New Yorker from listing a new NSX for sale on Craigslist. To be fair, the person isn't saying you can come to the house and drive the hybrid sports car off once cash is in hand. That would be impossible due to it not being out and all. Instead, the seller is offering up a spot on a dealer's waitlist, said to be spot number one. Yup, you'd pay to cut the line and for the car. Here's how the poster describes it.

"I placed an order with my local dealer in 2011, back before most people knew that there was going to be a new NSX. I've waited more than 5 years, and now that it's about to be released, I will likely not be able to keep it." That sounds perfectly reasonable, especially given the fact that the NSX had a development timeline of about a million (car) years. While this isn't the hardest story in the world to believe you do need to remember that the ad was posted to Craigslist. The asking price is $156,000, the car's MSRP. So does that money go to the dealer where the car is being bought from or to the seller? That isn't said in the ad. Who would want to hand money over to someone to spec an NSX that's not technically theirs?

Back in 2011, the year the seller says the spot was claimed, almost nothing was known about the NSX other than that it existed. How much did this poster drop to be the first in line to buy one, and is that agreement still valid today? Where's the proof this spot exists? We're calling b.s. on this one, although we'd love to believe it's a real story. The ad was posted over three weeks ago (26 days) so it's possible this story has already been found bunk. If you know, let us know. Otherwise, what say you?

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